This is a three-week, 9-hour course taught by Justice Williams (left) that will dig deeper into the journey of performative manliness, the history and construction of masculinity, and how fitness is both a product and agent of producing specific forms of masculinity.


  1. We will examine internalized ideals about masculinity that we have learned from boyhood to men.
  2. We will recognized how these ideas are rooted in a White Supremacist Cis-Hetero Patriarchal Society as identified and understood through the Fitness Industrial Complex.
  3. We will examine the performative nature of masculinity and how the gym became a petri-dish that reinforces toxic ideas.
  4. We will work together to reframe the ways that we understand and identify with Masculinity and its connection to our movement spaces

This course is closed for enrollment.


The curriculum will start by focusing on the socialization of masculinity. Where did we receive these messages?

How do institutions within the Fitness Industrial Complex impact our understanding of masculinity and gender identity and gender roles. Understanding how we have learned to express our masculinity is the problem not masculinity itself.

We will develop an analysis of power and privilege by using the 4 I’s of Oppression Framework. We will recognize the toxic ways that Masculinity, which is defined and maintained by a Patriarchal Society, has infected our movement and wellness spaces. Last we will embrace the otherness of masculinity and use this armor as we work to reframe our ideas of masculinity and fitness.

Example Curriculum

This course is closed for enrollment.